Dari II,
Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Co (ALJ)
Residential + Recreational

JUNE   2021

This project is one of our biggest in hospitality. Also in terms of the design scope, as we worked for several months in parallel with talented team members to accomplish a satisfying result in both Architecture & Interior Design for our valuable elite client by the end.

Design philosophy was influenced by the Japanese culture inherited within the roots and values of ALJ company. We thought of mixing its basic principles, which are very similar to the Middle Eastern values, with the Scandinavian to tone it a little down in a form of simple & minimal design approach called Japandi!


La Villa De Jan, Private Home


Minimalistic design spirit combined with the luxury of contemporary elements, creating a sophisticated cozy ambiance.

Our client is a passionate photographer, and the husband is a great inspiration. The couple wanted to create their own private space away from all work stresses and to be the place which accommodates their relaxing needs.

We selected a color scheme of Grey tones with a touch of color, between dark Green and smoky Red. White shades were there also to highlight some of the major elements inside, to emphasize the depth.


Belle vie,
French Loung

APRIL   2022

The intended atmosphere in this project was to have a French experience for all the customers visiting the lounge on Malik Road. Our client gave us full authorization to select and match material and utilization, as per the masterplan we created for the project.

The design concept came from the rich culture of France, and the artistic icons existing everywhere around its different towns. Marble floorings, wood cladding and paintings in some spots attracts the eye and inspires the senses.

Location is on Malik Road, north of Stars Avenue in Jeddah. Divided onto 2 floors, indoor and outdoor spaces for the targeted audience.